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Torna a casa, Rocco

“I may think that homosexuality is a sin and this has no effect on politics unless I say that homosexuality is a crime and in the same way you are free to think I am a sinner on most things of life and this has no or any effect on our relation as citizens. Nobody can be discriminated on the basis of sexual or gender orientation: this stands in the Charter of rights, this stands in the Costitution and I pledge to defend this…”

“…my personal opinion on marriage is well known. The word marriage comes from the Latin that means ‘protection of the mother’ and so marriage exists in order to allow women to have children and to have the protection of a male who takes care of them and this is the traditional vision of marriage that I defend. I am against discrimination and I think all human beings have to enjoy the same rights whether they are homosexuals or etherosexuals or whatever else can be told of I am engaged in defending the rights of all European citizens included the right f non discrimination…” [EuropaLex]

Ue, due no a Buttiglione