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I miei bookmark del 12/5

  • The Purple Dog Tag is intended to provide a simple, visual signal of the wearer's support. Inspired by the classic shape of a military dog tag and colored purple to honor our wounded, the Purple Dog Tag also has a jagged hole or notch along one side. The notch is symbolic of the wounds, disabilities and handicaps – physical and psychological – that our returning soldiers are fighting very personal battles to overcome. It is the hole in their lives that our support can help fill.

  • About Let California Ring

    There is no marriage without engagement. Join the conversation and Let California Ring!

    Let California Ring is an independent, nonprofit public education campaign to open hearts and minds about the unique respect, dignity and support that come with marriage.

    Through groundbreaking television, print and radio ads, as well as videos, an interactive website, a statewide network of volunteers and community leaders, and the contributions and leadership of people like you, the campaign addresses the public's concerns and encourages thoughtful dialogue about marriage and same-sex couples.