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I miei bookmark del 12/4

  • Akihabara (????) ("Field of Autumn Leaves"), also known as Akihabara Electric Town (?????? Akihabara Denki Gai?), is an area of Tokyo, Japan. It is located less than five minutes by rail from Tokyo Station. Its name is frequently shortened to Akiba (????) in Japan. While there is an official locality named Akihabara nearby, part of Tait?-ku, the area known to most people as Akihabara (including the railway station of the same name) is actually Soto-Kanda, a part of Chiyoda-ku.

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market (????????? T?ky?-to Ch?? Oroshiuri Shij??), commonly known as the Tsukiji Market (???? Tsukiji shij??), is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world and also one of the largest wholesale food markets of any kind. The market is located in Tsukiji in central Tokyo, and is a major attraction for foreign visitors.